Summary of domain pricing
Monday June 26, 2017 - 20:01:28
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Summary of domain prices

Domain typePrice per yearPrice per two yearsMinimum Renewal period£30.64£61.272 years£30.64£61.272 years£30.64£61.272 years£30.64£61.272 years*£30.64£61.272 years*£30.64£61.272 years*p.o.a.p.o.a.-*p.o.a.p.o.a.-*freefree-
.com£40.82£76.601 year
.org£40.82£76.601 year
.net£40.82£76.601 year£40.82£76.601 year£40.82£76.601 year£56.17£112.341 year£56.17£112.341 year£56.17£112.341 year
New gTLD typesPrice per yearPrice per two yearsMinimum Renewal period
.blue**£43.58£82.311 year
.photography**£47.24£83.451 year
.builders**£54.39£95.041 year
.buzz**£57.95£110.881 year
.codes**£65.10£142.561 year

* these domains can only be registered for bona-fide organisations. Proof will be required.

** please click on the domain name to see a full list for this price point (more will be added as they become available).

Prices correct as at 27th Apr 2014 Vat at 20%

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