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Newsletter #4 - 17th Apr 2005

Orpheus Internet News - 17th April 2005

I'm pleased to announce that we're now in a position to start signing people up to our new services. Our broadband (ADSL) service went live last week and we already have our first few customers!

We have a much more advanced order tracking system than Argonet, so orders can be processed more efficiently and quicker, leading to better peace of mind to our subscribers. If you would like to sign up to our broadband service, please complete the online form at and I will contact you individually with all the information you require.

All Argonet ADSL customers will be contacted individually by myself when I have your migration details.

I've also got some good news on the Argonet front, in that we have agreed to provide mail forwarding for the domain, so you will be able to receive emails sent to your Argonet account after the 30th of June and the closure of Argonet. We will provide mail forwarding to your new Orpheus mailbox. This will hopefully provide peace of mind for those Argonet subscribers who have letterheads and business cards printed with your existing email address.

I can also transfer Argonet web page hit counters to the new server so that your website can continue with the same web counter.

In due course, I'll update the support section of our website with documentation and tutorials on how to use the web services provided.

Don't forget that we are attending the forthcoming Wakefield RISC OS Show on the 21st/22nd May, so I look forward to seeing many of you there. We're on stand 18 so come and say "Hi".

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