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Newsletter #6 - 23rd May 2005

Orpheus Internet News - 23rd May 2005

Hi all,

With just over a month to go until the closure of Argonet, I'm pleased to report that things have been very busy in the past couple of weeks.

All services are now up and running, so if you originally expressed an interest in migrating across to Orpheus, I shall look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Now that we're getting quite a few people switching across, I shall probably re-organise this newsletter service - so apologies if you're already a subscriber and I'm referring to subscribing or if you're not a subscriber and I'm referring to what goodies we have in store. I shall probably create a standard 'Newsletter' that I can send out regularly to Orpheus subscribers, and a second period newsletter to potential subscribers who have expressed an interest in our services.

I've just returned from a very busy Wakefield RISC OS Show and was pleased to meet many of our subscribers in person. It's always good to put a face to an email address.

As those who attended the show will know by now, I've got some additional good news in that Voyager is now compatible with Orpheus. I shall update the support section of the website soon, but it will probably be in the form of an updater which will take your new Orpheus account details and automatically insert them into your existing Voyager installation so that the upgrade is as simple and painless as possible.
I've not quite decided whether I will send an update floppy disc to Voyager users, or will make it a downloadable upgrade, but further announcements will appear on the web site soon.

I'd also like to apologise to those of you who have phoned the technical support line and not got through first time. Hopefully you'll have got through to me eventually, or I'll have phoned you back. I'm now pleased to say that everything is running smoothly and I'm rapidly clearing the backlog of queries and email customization requests. If you still have an outstanding support query or enquiry, please feel free to contact me and I will look into resolving any issues.

I've also created a new section on the website, which is an index of customer and hosted domains. This is automatically generated at

If you would like a more detailed description or name for your site, please contact me and I will amend the entry. Conversely, if you would like your site 'ex directory', contact me and I will remove it from the listing.


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