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ArgoNet letter - 8th Feb 2005

For archive purposes, I've reproduced a copy of the letter I wrote, which was sent out by Freedom2 to accompany Andrew Foyle's letter announcing the winding down of ArgoNet, prior to closure on 30th June 2005.

Dear ArgoNet subscriber,

I would like to introduce myself as the technical support behind ArgoNet, whom many of you will know from meeting me at various Acorn and RISC OS shows.

I have been working in the internet industry for the past sixteen years and, for the past five years, handling technical support for ArgoNet. Recently I have been responsible for improving the reliability of the ArgoNet mail service by adding spam and virus filters to the email system. I pride myself on having extensive knowledge of RISC OS, Linux, Mac OS and Windows, allowing ArgoNet to be one of the few ISPs in the country to offer true multi-platform support.

Although Freedom2 are now concentrating on their core educational services, I feel that there is still a space in the market for an independent and dedicated ISP which can focus on customers needs and requirements, irrespective of computer system or expertise level. With the closure of ArgoNet, I am building a new ISP based on new hardware and infra-structure, yet compatible with existing software such as Voyager Internet. This new ISP will deliver all of the services previously provided by ArgoNet, with the minimum of hassle for any subscribers wishing to migrate to the new service.

I will contact all ArgoNet users shortly with more detailed information, but in the meantime, if you would like to register your interest, please visit If you complete the form, I will contact you directly with more details on the new service.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Vigay

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