ADSL Broadband Services
Tuesday May 31, 2016 - 11:57:33
Orpheus Internet Services Ltd

Orpheus ADSL Broadband Services

Orpheus broadband has the advantage of an always on, connection with a sensible fair usage policy, meaning that your computer(s) can access the internet as frequently as you like whilst receiving no additional phone charges.

With Orpheus we offer you:

YesUnfiltered broadband. No blocked ports. 
YesBitTorrent and P2P friendly.
YesOnline Gaming Support.
YesStatic IP Address (Optional).
YesPayment by cheque and standing order.

All our broadband packages now offer estimated connection speeds between 500Kbps and 20Mb (dependant on exchange and distance). Additionally our connections are unfiltered, making them ideal for games players, home workers or even running your own server.

We also offer unmetered downloads between 11pm and 9am. This is covered by fair bandwidth use.

ADSL broadband services provide an upload speed from 448 Kbps

ADSL Broadband Services

per month
Lite2 (for low users)£17.872 GB
HO10£22.4210 GB
Select50£24.4650 GB
Pro100 (for power users)£29.95100 GB
UL (Unlimited)£41.00UL GB


All Orpheus broadband accounts also include:

YesFriendly and knowledgeable technical support and help.
YesTwo POP3 mailboxes with email aliases of your choice.
YesPOP and IMAP access to emails. Apple iPhone compatible.
YesSMTP outgoing mail server.
YesFull NNTP Usenet newsgroup feed. More...
YesChoice of email domain. More...
YesFree email virus and spam filtering.
YesWebMail interface for email access when you're away from home.
Yes50MB of webspace with standard FTP access. More...
YesFREE support for all popular computer systems.
YesFREE broadband migration from other suppliers.
YesWe value your privacy. No Phorm interceptions here thank you!

One-off 'Service' charges

Setup/Installation charge (1 month contract)£51.60
Migration from another broadband providerFREE
Regrade to another service or speedFREE


We can also advise you on what router and/or networking hardware you may require. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your individual requirements.

Requirements for Broadband/ADSL

In order to connect to broadband you require a router. This is the broadband equivalent of a modem and is what connects your computer(s) to the phone line. The router connects to your computer network socket via an ethernet lead. Although a connecting lead is supplied with all our routers, please ensure that you have a suitable network card fitted in your computer. Most modern computers have these built-in, but some of the older Acorn machines may require one fitting before you can connect to broadband. You should consult your computer manufacturer or supplier if you need to purchase a network card.

Because broadband sends data down your phone line at high speed, various line checks need to be carried out on your phone line in order to make sure it's compatible with our broadband products. We will carry these out as part of the connection/setup. We will notify you if we discover an incompatibility with your line, and in most cases we should be able to offer an alternative solution, such as a lower speed. However, in reality you should find that most residential BT lines in the UK can support at least 500 Kbps broadband.

Requirements for Fibre broadband

For Fibre connections we will currently (2012) supply you with a new vDSL modem. You will then need a compatible router/wireless router to connect to this unit. Any DSL routers with one or more WAN ports on should be fine. Due to the nature of Fibre and the high speed which can be achieved we would recommend that the unit be new or at least purchased after 2011. Please check or ask us to, the WAN to LAN speed otherwise you may find your internet access speed limited to 10Mbps.

Migrating from another broadband supplier

If you are migrating from another broadband supplier we will be pleased to welcome you to Orpheus, however, in order to ensure a smooth migration we require what's known as a MAC (Migration Authority Code) number from your existing ADSL supplier. Once we receive this, we can carry out your migration automatically from our end.



* All prices include VAT at 20%

** Monthly inclusive data download. Additional 'top ups' are available and you can switch service if you find your usage goes up or down. View our fair use policy for more details.

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