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Thursday April 18, 2024 - 18:12:17
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Orpheus Account Signup calculator

In order for us to be as efficient as possible, and provide you with the best possible service, please calculate your initial startup cost via the following form. This will allow you to calculate how much your initial payment will be, to enable you to send us a cheque for the correct amount.
We apologise for any inconvenience at being unable to accept credit cards at this time.

At present, this calculator assumes you wish to subscribe to either the dialup or broadband servuices. If you require only web hosting or non-subscription services, please contact us with your requirements.

Please select the services you're interested in.

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Do you have an existing broadband connection you would like to migrate to Orpheus?

Submitting this form will calculate your initial signup cost.
Please make cheques payable to "Orpheus Internet Services"

You are under no obligation at this stage. This calculator does not submit an order to us, and is purely for calculation purposes. You can use this calculator as much as you like.

We reserve the right to amend prices or refuse to accept orders based on errors in this automatic calculator.
This calculator is for handy reference and is not infallible. If you can't select the services you require or are confused by anything, please contact us for an individual quote.

All prices include VAT at 20%

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