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Monday May 20, 2024 - 17:13:02
Orpheus Internet Services Ltd

Terms and Conditions of Subscription

1.In terms of this agreement Orpheus Internet Services Limited agrees to provide the subscriber whose name appears on the signed and accepted Subscription Form with access to the Internet. Orpheus will endeavour to have access available 24 hours per day, but cannot guarantee access due to factors beyond its control, such as telecom line failure, power failure, or in the case of broadband provision, line speed from the exchange to the subscriber.
2.The Subscriber will nominate and pay an annual/bi-annual/monthly subscription. Orpheus undertakes to give the Subscriber notice of any increase in the price of the Internet Service. Monthly payment is by standing order only. If any payment is dishonoured for any reason, Orpheus reserves the right to deactivate the subscriber's account or terminate their subscription.
3.The Subscriber acknowledges that attempts to share an access code or password with any third party simultaneously will result in their account automatically being deactivated/suspended. A charge could be levied at the discretion of Orpheus to reactivate the account.
4.Should the Subscriber wish to terminate the service, written notice of the intention to discontinue must be given to Orpheus thirty days prior to the date of termination.
5.Payment is to be made in advance of each period, prior to the period commencing. Orpheus reserves the right to charge pro-rata rates where applicable.
6.Subscribers acknowledge that they may not cancel their subscription within four months of subscribing.
7.Orpheus reserves the right to deactivate the subscriber's account or terminate this subscription should the subscriber be involved in illegal activities or offend other users through unacceptable actions, such as spamming, hacking or virus distribution.
8.The subscriber undertakes not to provide generally offensive content on any website hosted by Orpheus and hereby absolves Orpheus of any cost or legal action due to the subscriber's actions
9.Orpheus reserves the right to evaluate a subscriber's consumption of resources in relation to the revenue that the subscriber pays for the right to access those resources, and to then restrict usage of resources and/or increase the charge to the subscriber.
10.These conditions are subject to amendment from time to time and updates will be communicated via email to all subscribers so that they have the freedom to cancel their subscription. Use of their account indicates acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions of Subscription.

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