News Server
Wednesday July 24, 2024 - 21:35:24
Orpheus Internet Services Ltd

News Server

Orpheus Internet regrets to announce that we will be ceasing the free of charge News service that we have run since our inception. This will occur during May 2023. We will be replacing this with a paid for service at £2.50 per month.

The decision has not been taken lightly but the cost to Orpheus has risen dramatically over the years and the usage has fallen away now to a few dedicated individuals. In light of these factors we will start our new service on the 2nd May and let the old system cease when our provider does. In the meantime if you wish to continue to use the newsgroups then please contact me to arrange your username and password and I will set you up on the new news server.

  • 01/05/2023 New chargeable news service to commence this May 2023.
  • 17/05/2023 New server is now operational and the old server has been retired today. 10:12

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