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Archived Operational Issues (2005)

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Mon 3rd Oct, 12.00pmpvSupport phone line connection restored. No known issues at this time.
Sun 2nd Oct, 12.00pmpvThere is currently a BT exchange fault with the main 0845 120 5559 voice support line. If you need to phone us, please use the emergency telephone number.
Tue 30th Aug, 8.00ampvNo known issues at this time
Wed 24th Aug, 8.00pmpvBT connection problems
There appears to be a BT problem in switching the 0845 number through to Orpheus from certain exchanges. I'm currently investigating the problem with BT.
Mon 11th Jul, 6.00pmpvNews service restored
Our Usenet feed has been restored and normal service should be in operation.
Sunday 10th JulypvNews unavailable
Our Usenet feed is currently unavailable due to maintenance. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. In the meantime I'd like to apologise for any inconvenience.
Tue 21st Jun, 08:00ampvUsenet access available!
Our Usenet server ( has now been enabled and should carry the full set of newsgroups, including the old argonet.* newsgroups.
However, it's restricted to Orpheus subscribers only, so if you find you cannot access it, please make a note of the IP address given above and contact us.
Sat 11th Jun, 10:00ampvSome people reporting problems connecting to
The mail server is working correctly and accepting connections. However, I suspect that the DNS changes made yesterday haven't propagated out to everyone yet. You can verify this by pinging which should resolve to (although it won't actually respond to ping).
Fri 10th Jun, 06:00pmpvNo service issues
This mornings upgrade went according to plan and all systems were back to normal operation by 11am. I'd would like to apologise again for any inconvenience.
Thur 9th Jun, 07:30ampvScheduled Downtime
Websites and mail will be temporarily unavailable between 10am and approx 11.30am on Friday 10th June (tomorrow). This is so that we can carry out physical relocation of our main servers into a new hosting facility. I would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience.
Sun 5th Jun, 12:39pmpvWebMail operational
The WebMail system should be working normally again. Apologies for the temporary downtime whilst I installed some security updates.
Sun 5th Jun, 8:00ampvWebMail unavailable
I'm currently adjusting the security on the WebMail system, so WebMail may be temporarily unavailable this morning. This is purely the web front-end and will not affect mail services in any way. Mail will continue to be delivered to your POP mailbox as normal. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Sat 4th Jun, 10:00ampvWebMail unavailable
The WebMail system is temporarily unavailable. I'm investigating the fault and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
Update - 12:58pm - Now working again! pv
Sun 8th May, 08:00pmpvPossible issue with Argonet ADSL Migration
If you were scheduled for migration from Argonet DSL in the past couple of days, it would appear that something may be amiss at the Argonet end, as the Orpheus control panel is still showing DSL migrations as pending. I'm currently investigating this. Your Argonet DSL should still be active, and when migration occurs, there shouldn't be more than a couple of hours downtime, if any at all.
Wed 27th Apr, 10:00pmpvDialup tests completed
I've successfully tested the new dialup number, and created a provider file for the Ant Internet Suite.
Thu 21st Apr, 11:27pmpvReady for going live
I'm in the process of updating the support pages, ready for enabling people to setup their new ADSL connections. All systems working normally.
Mon 18th Apr, 06:00pmpvMaintenance work
We will be temporarily shutting down one of the mail servers tomorrow morning (Tues 19th Apr) between 8am - 9-30am for routine maintenance. Normal service will remain unaffected.
Sun 20th Mar, 10:39ampvTest
System undergoing testing.
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