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Archived Operational Issues (2008)

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DNS issues
18th Sep
pvIt looks like some people may be having DNS issues. If not using DHCP you should set your computer's primary DNS to your router, which should automatically pick up alternative DNS servers.
POP service
1st Jul
8.00am - 10.20am
pvThe earlier problem with POP services has now been rectified. All services should be working normally.
There is currently an issue with not responding. We're investigating the problem. In the meantime you can fetch emails via IMAP or WebMail.
Spam filtering
Tue 24th Jun
pvDue to a temporary issue with one of our mail servers over the weekend, resulting in mail being queued by not delivered correctly, some subscribers may have experienced a temporary rise in spam levels, coupled with a delay in the delivery of some non-spam emails. The problem has now been resolved and normal service should be resumed.
POP3 email
Wed 23rd Apr 2008
pvSome subscribers have reported a lack of emails arriving this morning. We are currently investigating the issue.
All OK
Thu 27th Mar 2008
pvAll appears back to normal and earlier DNS issues have fixed themselves.
DNS problems
Thu 27th Mar 2008
pvThere appear to be some external DNS issues, so that some websites are not resolving. All Orpheus servers are working ok however, and you can temporarily access and via and respectively.
Power outage
Fri 7th Mar 2008
2.00pm - 3.00pm
pvUnfortunately, due to a power outage in London beyond our control, services were interrupted this afternoon. Power was restored at approx 2.50pm and we're currently checking the status of all servers.
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