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Archived Operational Issues (2009)

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Orpheus Support
1st July
dhWe have experienced a hardware failure with the legacy web hosting server The majority of customer sites had already been migrated onto our new hosting infrastructure so the remaining sites were migrated this morning so that the server no longer provides an active web service. We will keep the server active until Friday 3rd July 2009 to allow for DNS updates to fully propagate and then the server will be decommissioned.

Orpheus Support
28th June
dhOn Saturday 27th June 2009 we experienced a Domain Name Service (DNS) outage caused by a routing issue at our hosting provider, which caused a number of customer web sites to become unavailable. Due to the issues on Saturday we took the decision to move our remaining DNS server, web server, and mail server to our new hosting provider. This has caused a 2 hour disruption to service on Sunday 28th June and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Orpheus Support
23rd Feb
dhIt is with deep regret that we have to inform Orpheus users that Paul Vigay unexpectedly passed away on Friday 20th February 2009. Our condolences and thoughts go out to Paul's family and friends at this difficult time. We would like to assure all our users that Orpheus will continue to run. If you have any queries, please contact by email to or telephone to 0845 862 0843 for the time being, until we are able to transition our support numbers to other systems.

Rob Kendrick has kindly setup a book of condolence at
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