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Archived Operational Issues (2010)

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BT 20cn update
30th Oct
rbBT have announced that the problem has now been resolved 11:16.

BT 20cn outage
29th Oct
rbThe current 20CN outage has been identified as a BT nationwide outage. As of 8:00pm BT were unable to confirm when the next update will be but are putting all there efforts into resolving the problems.

News Server problem
26/27th Oct
rbWe have had a problem with the News service over the last 24Hrs this has been fixed as of 2:38pm.

ADSL Problems
21st April
rbAt 17:30 on Monday 19th a BT fault occured which led to some users appearing to have a valid internet connection whilst actually being disconnected. The problem was finally resolved by BT at 17:01 on Tuesday 20th. If anyone still has a problem then switching off the router for 30 mins and then restarting should clear the problem.

Orpheus Support
1st April
rbWe are sorry that during this afternoon there was a local outage in the area where our servers are hosted.This led to a disruption in service from approximately 14:30 to 16:30. This has now been fixed and we do not anticipate any further disruptions. The BT outage is currently being worked on and the last update indicated that the problems should be fixed during Sunday or Monday.

Orpheus Support
31st March
rbWe have been made aware of a BT outage affecting approx 35,000 ADSL clients countrywide. This has been caused by flooding in the Paddington area of London. Whilst we are not aware of this affecting any Orpheus customers directly there may be side effects as BT concentrates on fixing the problem.

Orpheus Support
8th January
dhWe have been made aware by a number of Argonet users that they have received an email claiming to be from the 'Argonet Help Desk' requesting a reply containing the users full name, email address, and password information. These emails are not from Orpheus Internet and we would never write to our users requesting confidential information nor would we ever enter a link for users to enter confidential information via a web page. Please do not respond to these emails and just delete them. If you have responded to an email with your Orpheus account information then please contact us via the Technical contact information at the bottom of this page. Our email filtering system has now been updated to block these specific emails.
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24 hour emergency:
01702 462385
0845 862 0843 (voicemail system)

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