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Archived Operational Issues (2012)

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BT Exceter POP problem
(10th July 2012)
rbBT have now resolved the problem and the majority of affected users are now back online.
Increased SPAM
(29th June 2012)
rbWe have noticed over the last couple of days an up surge in SPAM we are reviewing our filters etc and hope that there is no inconvenience to our customers.
BT London Faraday Outage
(22nd May 2012)
rbBT experienced a major outage at London Faraday which affected a number of connections. This has now been resolved and the majority of affected users are now back online.
BT Outage North wales/Manchester
(12th May 2012)
rbAn outage was reported at 10:49 this has now been resolved 11:05
Slow E-Mail
(18-19th Apr 2012)
rbOne of the e-mail servers has been queuing mail for 24hrs this is now fixed and the mail will filter through. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused our customers 15:44
BT Outage
(26th Jan 2012)
rbBT wholesale have now fixed the Edinburgh node and all connections should now be okay. Please restart your router if you are still experiencing problems.
BT Outage
(26th Jan 2012)
rbBT wholesale are experiencing an outage over Northern England Scotland & Northern Ireland. More details will be posted asap.
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