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Wednesday July 24, 2024 - 21:37:33
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Archived Operational Issues (2013)

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Core Router problem
(11th Sep 2013)
rbFor the last couple of hours there has been Internet connectivity problems. The router has now been replaced. If problems persist switch off your router for 15mins and then restart this should clear any lingering problems.
Orpheus Office
(7th May 2013)
rbWe are currently experiencing an extended power cut pse contact us on the mobile number.
10Min ADSL Outage
(13th Mar 2013)
rbADSL outage approx 10am today now resolved.
Orpheus Web Sever down
(18/9th Jan 2013)
rbOne of our web servers was down overnight this has now been resolved. Our apologises to any of our affected domain customers
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01702 462385
0845 862 0843 (voicemail system)

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