Archived Service Status (2016)
Wednesday July 24, 2024 - 23:18:05
Orpheus Internet Services Ltd

Archived Operational Issues (2016)

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Update to Blacklisting
(7th Jul 2016)
rbPlease see News page for further info.
Webmail restored
(23rd Jun 2016)
rbServer problem has been resolved.
Webmail down
(23rd Jun 2016)
rbWe hope this to be a temporary problem next update at 3:00pm
Spam Problem
(19th Jun 2016)
rbA customer today had there password appropriated. Our Web-Mail server has been used for spamming. This has been stopped but it will take a few days for our server to come off all the blacklists. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience. Please be vigilant with your passwords.
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24 hour emergency:
01702 462385
0845 862 0843 (voicemail system)

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