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If you are having problems with your ADSL/Broadband connection, please complete the following form, which will help us liaise with BT in order to resolve the problem.

Your name: eg. Fred Bloggs
Your email address: eg.
Please ensure that you enter a valid email address above, or we won't be able to reply to your message.
Telephone Number of ADSL Line: 
Does the telephone still work for voice calls? 
Do you get an ADSL Sync with the local exchange? 
Is there any non ADSL equipment connected to the line ie. fax/old modem? 
Is is possible to plug the router directly into the master socket without an extension? Does that make a difference? 
Has another ADSL modem/router been used, and does this make a difference? 
Has a different microfilter been used, and does this make a difference? 
Has ADSL ever worked? 
Description of fault ie. can't download web pages, slow connection etc.:

Or you can write to us at the following address:-
    Orpheus Internet Services Ltd.
    104 Manners Road,
    PO4 0BG

Technical Helpdesk: Email: 
24 hour emergency:
0845 862 0843

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