Configuring Belkin Routers
Wednesday July 24, 2024 - 23:06:15
Orpheus Internet Services Ltd
Configuring Belkin Routers

Although we don't officially support Belkin routers, some customers who have sourced their own router may find these instructions of use.

Belkin powered on
The router plugged in and powered up.

Belkin close-up
If all is working and you're connected successfully the two right hand LEDs (telephone and internet) should both be on solid (see close-up photo to the right). When you first plug in, the telephone LED should be flashing until it detects a broadband signal on your phone line, after which is should be on steady.

The right-most (internet) LED will come on steady when you've entered your Orpheus username and password and the router has successfully logged in and connected to your Orpheus broadband.

Assuming you've set your computer network to enable you to connect to the Belkin router in a web browser you should first go through the first-time setup wizard built into the router. Enter the IP address of the router in order to see the configuration. You will be asked for the router password when you do this.

Step 1
Start the setup wizard and click Next > to continue.

Belkin Setup Wizard - Step 1

Step 2
You will now be asked to select a country and ISP.
Ensure that the United Kingdom is selected for the country and that Other ISP is selected for the ISP.
When you select Other ISP the main window will expand to show various options you must now configure.

Belkin Setup Wizard - Step 2

Enter your Orpheus details, as provided on your account details letter, exactly as shown in the screenshot above. Once you've entered everything, click Next > to continue.

Step 3
The next step involves the wireless setup.

Belkin Setup Wizard - Step 3

Ignore the wireless configuration for the moment, as we want to make sure the actual broadband connection is working. Click Next > to continue. You can go back and setup the wireless later.

Step 4
Confirm everything.

Belkin Setup Wizard - Step 4

Confirm that everything is ok and that the information you've entered is correct. Once you are happy, click OK.

Step 5

Belkin Setup Wizard - Step 5

The router should then display a status screen and you can optionally click on the Connect button to manually initiate a connection to your broadband line. If all is well, both LEDs should light continuously on the router (see above) and the Internet Settings part of the status screen should look something like the screenshot above.

You should now be able to access the internet and view websites.

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