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ADSL Settings

This page is aimed at helping the newcomer set up their new ADSL/broadband connection. Assuming your telephone line has been ADSL enabled and is now 'live', you will need to configure your router to connect to Orpheus. These instructions are aimed at users of all abilities.

Unlike dialup connections, broadband is on all the time. This means that the main difference from dialup is that instead of configuring your computer with a telephone number, username and password etc., which then tells a modem to dialup and connect, a broadband connection is controlled by the router and not the computer. Therefore your ADSL username and password details are stored within the router. Routers have non-volatile memory in them so you don't need to worry about it forgetting your settings when/if you turn it off. When you turn it on again, it should automatically connect and re-synchronise with the ADSL line, providing an 'always on' connection to your computer(s).

Please consult our separate pages for specific details on configuring the routers we provide, but as a quick reference, the following settings should be entered into your router configuration page.

Router configuration

Encapsulation:PPPoA (PPP over ATM)
Multiplex:VC (or VC-Mux)
Virtual Circuit ID
Username:(as supplied)
Password:(as supplied)
IP address:obtain automatically (possibly, specified as
Connection:nailed up (or permanently connected, connect on demand etc)
SUA only (may not be given, depending on the feature set of your router)

Software configuration

Incoming (POP) mail
Outgoing (SMTP) mail

ADSL Problems?

If your ADSL line is not connecting correctly, we have an ADSL fault form you can complete with as much information as possible, so that we can escalate the fault to our engineers.

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