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Wednesday July 24, 2024 - 22:53:33
Orpheus Internet Services Ltd

All about News/Usenet

Orpheus provide a comprehensive usenet feed to our subscribers. Whilst there are in excess of 104,000 newsgroups available, we've carried the Usenet Eight hierarchies which include;

In addition, we provide the following three hierarchies

A complete list (108,923) of newsgroups is available to download here. [616KB ZIP archive]


We simply act as a carrier for Usenet. We don't believe in censorship, so we accept no responsibility for content or suitability of any newsgroups carried. Subscribing to any Usenet newsgroups is entirely down to the personal discretion of individual subscribers.

Connecting to News

Internet news/usenet access uses a protocol known as NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) and is downloaded by your computer by a News Agent (MTA) and then viewed by a news client such as Pluto, MT_News or Thunderbird.

Our news server is called

Note for advanced users:
NNTP uses port 119 so you may need to ensure that any firewall you have in use allows incoming traffic on this port.

RISC OS Voyager users should ensure that the news server is set correctly by checking the Preferences -> News... settings. Scroll to the bottom of the window and ensure that the Use alternative news server is ticked and that is entered in the writable icon. For more information on Voyager, click here.

RISC OS Ant Suite users should ensure that the news setup has the Use XHDR option on (ticked).

Potential problems with News

Our news server has restricted access so that only Orpheus subscribers can connect to it. If you're not connected to Orpheus you will receive a "You have no permission to talk" or somesuch error message. If you encounter this and you are connecting via Orpheus, then please contact us quoting the number below:


We can then investigate and check that you have permission to connect.

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